Customized In-Home Supports

Service Description

Customized In-Home Supports are intermittent services and/or supports that are individually designed to instruct or enhance home living skills, community skills and to address health and safety as needed. Customized In-Home Supports provides individuals the opportunity to design and manage the services and/or supports needed to live in their own home or their family home.

Customized In-Home Supports include a combination of instruction and personal support activities provided intermittently as they would normally occur to assist the individual with activities of daily living, health related supports, meal preparation, household services and money management. Supports also include providing support to acquire, maintain or improve interaction skills in the community or at the individual’s place of employment.

Customized In-Home Supports is not a residential service and is intended for individuals that do not require the amount/intensity of support provided under Living Supports services.



Ellen Neace

Service Coordinator

Sabine Walsh