Our Training Services are tailored for Direct Support but we do offer CPR/First Aid, which is a great life saving skill for anyone to have.

If you would like to learn more about any of our trainings, please contact Sabrina Smith by email ( or by phone (505.332-9164).

DDSD Trainings

A Better Way of Living, Inc. offers all New Mexico Department of Health: Developmental Disability Supports Division required courses for Direct Support Providers.

Direct Supports


DHI has implemented a new Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation (ANE) Training. The new training is a competency based curriculum utilizing a train the trainer model with standardized course materials to ensure consistency statewide. The key elements of the course include, community awareness and prevention, recognizing and identifying ANE, and reporting ANE.

All Employees are Required to take this course.

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Foundations for Health and Wellness (FHW) is a one-day course addressing a variety of health-related topics. Course outcome: Course participants will be introduced to emergency, acute and health-maintenance situations; observing for medication effects; specialized diets; aspiration; medical crisis plans; dental care; seating and positioning; seizure intervention; and promoting health of individuals receiving services.

ISP Person-Centered Planning (PCP) is a one-day course is about the individual service planning process. Course Outcome: Participants will learn about person-centered values; choice and being an effective team member.

Pre-req: Pre-Service(DS). Also PCP-1 day is a pre-req to Teaching & Support Strategies course.

Participatory Communication/Choice-Making (PCCM) is a one-day course covering communication styles, learning styles, and development of appropriate assistive communication strategies/devices for people with disabilities.

Recommended pre-reqs: Pre-Service; ISP-DS.

Positive Behavior Support Strategies (PBSS) is a one-day course addressing positive behavior support philosophy and practices. Course participants learn about behavioral intervention models, the holistic assessment process, various roles/responsibilities of team members, and more…

Pre-Service is a one-day course addressing a variety of health-related topics. Course outcome: Course participants will be introduced to advocacy and rights (e.g., the rights of individuals, the incident mgmt. system), communication and choice-making, positive behavior support and person-centered planning.

Teaching & Support Strategies (TSS) is a one-day course addressing teaching methods and support strategies used for teaching skills.  Course participants will, through a combination of classroom-based instructions and on-the-job observation/mentoring, learn about teaching adaptive skills, understanding learning styles, writing/using task analysis, using various types of prompting, providing corrective feedback, using reinforcement and documenting progress.

Pre-req: ISP Person-Centered Planning

ABWL Specific Trainings